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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning- While most tiles are non-porous, grout is not. All tile, over time starts to accumulate a layer of dirt and grime and will begin to take on a dingy and dull appearance. Even with cleaning and scouring, the grout in your kitchen, bathroom, anywhere you have tile, can become discolored and lose that luster.

Despite even diligent mopping, this build up forms so gradually that you might not even be able to tell how bad it has become. The nooks and crannies in the grout hold bacteria and dirt that, even with routine cleaning, can not be removed by scrubbing alone. In fact, cleaning chemicals can leave behind a residue that makes the discoloration even worse. You need a professional service to blast away that tough grime and build-up, disinfect and deep clean, and return your tile to its beautiful natural color. Our tile cleaning can bring new life back to old tile and grout, and even clean down into the toughest grout lines making it clean and fresh.

We clean all the areas in your home or houseboat including:

After having your tile professionally cleaned you will feel much better about your tile floor and all of the things that come into contact with it on a regular basis!

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