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Lake Powell Carpet Care

Serving Page, Greenehaven and Lake Powell. 928-645-1999

Lake Powell Carpet Care

Your source for all your carpet care needs.
We clean homes, businesses, houseboats, RV's and more.

Carpet cleaning should be performed on a regular basis by a professional carpet cleaner. This will not only extend the life of your carpet, it will also make your whole indoor environment healthier and cleaner. While Lake Powell Carpet Care specializes in carpet cleaning, we do so much more! We also clean tile floors, houseboat floors and we do restoration.

We've taken great care to choose only non-toxic, pet friendly cleaning solutions for cleaning your carpet.

We have a boat designed specifically for cleaning houseboats.


We clean houseboat carpet and tile while the boat is on the water. We can have your carpets clean and ready for you and your guests when you you arrive. We have a National Park Service Commercial User Authorization and insurance to legally be working at the marinas.



Carpet, flooring and home furnishings are one of the largest investments in your home, business or houseboat. Although it helps remove dry soil and other pollutants from your home, vacuuming alone is not enough. To effectively remove dirt, dust, animal hair and dander, smoke and hundreds of other pollutants in your home, your carpeting should be professionally steam cleaned.

We specialize in:

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